Question by  cindy (1484)

What should I expect from a good chiropractic adjustment?


Answer by  ringneck (394)

I think pain should be relieved if that was the problem from which you were suffering. There should be increased range of motion in your joints. You should be able to stretch better without having discomfort. I would also think that you would generally have a better overall feeling of contentment.


Answer by  TinaV (56)

While you may still be sore for a few days, an effective adjustment from a qualified chiropractor should leave you feeling relief from your condition. A good chiropractor will obtain your medical and skeletal history and can make a plan to help you restore your body balance.


Answer by  HelpfulMal (539)

You should expect to be in all sorts of new physical positions that you may have never tried before--the chiropractor will probably "crack" or "pop" several joints. What you shouldn't expect is to ever be put in a physical position of pain, or to leave with increased pain.


Answer by  John5946 (39)

The adjustment should not cause residual pain. Shortly after the adjustment you should notice a greater range of mobility and ease of movement. Stiffness and pain relief are added bonuses.


Answer by  tamkees (3203)

Assuming you are relatively young and not being treated for a specific injury, a good adjustment involves manipulation of the neck and spine. Sometimes bones are "cracked" to release gasses and other things causing stiffness, but just as common is deep tissue work. You may be a little sore afterward.


Answer by  craftheart (392)

After a good chiropractic adjustment, you should feel pain free. A neck adjustment will leave you feeling loose and no longer locked up and tight. If you were having headaches, they should shortly improve. A back adjustment should also help with pain and that tight feeling one sometimes gets.


Answer by  poodlegirl (142)

I look for someone who will answer all my questions without brushing my fears off. They should explain what they will do next, and why. If you don't like the idea of a procedure, say so! A good chiropractor should all ways have options. They should do some flexibility test/quiz first as well.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

During a chiropractic adjustment your doctor will take a history of what is going on. You will then lay flat on your stomach as he examines your back. He will move your legs, neck and arm in ways to adjust your spine. As well as apply pressure to your back to pop it back into place.


Answer by  Ervin (95)

A good chiropractic adjustment begins with the Chiropractor performing a thorough exam to determine what your needs really are. This can be done through x-ray, interview, or even through questionare. Once the Chiropractor determines your specific health needs, then he can perfom an adjustment to alleviate pain and discomfort.

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