Question by  italysmom (46)

What should I do if I feel like I married out of guilt?

Should I tell me spouse the truth?


Answer by  MeganB (27)

I supposed the question I would ask you is,"do you love him? " If you do or think that it will grow with time, then no, don't say anything to your spouse. Try to take time to really think about it. Could this be just a case of latent 'cold feet'?


Answer by  mkgheaton (81)

Yes, marriage is all about truth in eachother. It will be hard to tell your spouse the truth but if you don't eventually your marriage will suffer because of this lie. I suggest seeking counseling either by a private party or church affiliation to ease the tension after speaking to your spouse.


Answer by  shawneal (6)

Well if you feel like you married out of guilt you probably will never be happy. If you love the person I would suggest maybe some counciling and just tell him how you feel. It is always best to be honest he may have a lot of the same feelings.


Answer by  Gamewizard (14)

People get married for many reasons. Motivations are personal and diverse. No one should judge their validity. Nevertheless, entering into marriage is a contract of commitment. As such, marriage should be entered into with honesty. You owe it to the person you entered into marriage with, to be honest with them about your current feelings of guilt.


Answer by  iggylizard (352)

You should determine how you feel about the person and if you really did marry for a reason other than love you should discuss that with the person that you are married to. Originally marrying someone out of guilt is not the end of the world. Sometimes that can grow into love. You just need to decide how you feel.


Answer by  Penny65 (18)

You owe it to your spouse, and yourself, to be honest. You have already admitted it to yourself; that's the first step. Now, the hardest step: telling your spouse. Although painful for both of you, tell the truth. You, and eventually your spouse, will feel better in the end.


Answer by  norah1234 (4)

I am in a loveless marriage and my husband knew from the beginning that I did not have any feelings for him. But we are married and have to stay committed.

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