Question by  mjjaegly (211)

What should I do for my two year old who has a fever and stomach pain?


Answer by  wennifred (597)

Ibuprofen (Motrin) and acetaminophen (Tylenol) are the only safe medicines to use for a toddler. Check our Dr. Sears' site for proper dosing.


Answer by  fanhil (54)

A two year old can not really describe pain well. Fever in this age usually is a symptom of an infection. Thus it's better to take him/her to the doctor.


Answer by  roxiey (191)

if your child is having a fever any higher then 99.9 then give your child some tylenol for fever and pain. if it doesn't help take to doctors or hospital.


Answer by  sue123 (375)

You need to call your Pediatricians office and talk to the Triage Nurse. A fever or stomach pain separately is not generally enough to require an office visit but the two in combination could easily mean something that the Doctor would need to investigate with some simple tests and blood work to rule out any significant illness.


Answer by  Meagan87 (197)

There is little to do for a toddler with stomach pain and a fever. You can give Tylenol for the fever and follor a bland diet for stomach issues. Contact the doctor if it lasts for more than two days, or the fever gets dangerously high.


Answer by  geoff23 (92)

Give him some paracetamol for the pain it will also help his fever if that dosn't help he will need to see a doctor he probably has a stomach bug but get him checked out by a doctor


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

It may simply be influenza. However, if the fever is over 102 degrees or the pain is so severe the child curls up around it, get to a doctor.


Answer by  bash (1026)

Fever comes due to some specific reason. Especially in small babies, don't try to give paracetamol like medicines without consulting a physician. Since your child has stomach pain too, the stomach pain may be due to constipation or indigestion or some other minor complication which has caused fever. Before intensifying further, better to show the child a good paediatrician.

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