Question by  deshpandev65yahoocom (149)

What should goldfish poop look like?

What can you tell by looking at goldfish poop?


Answer by  mochasmom (20)

Healthy goldfish poop should be similar in color to whatever you're feeding the fish. It should be fairly short and should drop off rather than trailing behind them for long periods of time. If the poop is long and thick but normal-colored and trailing the fish, he's over-fed and possibly constipated. Thin, white poop is a sign of bacterial infection.


Answer by  LeslieJo (19)

Goldfish feces usually is somewhat the color of the food you are feeding it, if you feed them the multi-colored flakes, it will most likely be brown/red-ish.. It usually looks like a string hanging from their butt, but it will just fall off. I hope your fish is okay!


Answer by  Tank (539)

Goldfish poop is usually a long string that is about an inch or so long. It generally black but can be shades of gray and white. As long as the fish is pooping and does not look bloated then you can safely say you have a healthy fish that has a solid digestive system.


Answer by  jakeman0074 (79)

goldfish poop is very stringy piles of pending on the consistency of the poop you can determine if your fish is sick.


Answer by  nanook (605)

Goldfish poop looks similar to most other fish poop. It is usually found in long thing brown strings that easily become detached from one another.


Answer by  Startwearinggreen (340)

It is like a long brown stringy thing. It may even look like a little brown worm. It floats but ends up sinking to the bottom.


Answer by  fishlover49 (643)

Goldfish poop usually looks like a string hanging from the fish's anus, which will fall off. It should be roughly the same color as the food you are feeding the fish. The color and consistency of fish poop may indicate sickness.

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