Question by  Kathie2 (1)

What shall I wear as the matron of honor for a older bride's 2nd marriage in November?

The 60-ish bride is wearing a street-length plum dress at her 11 a. m. wedding with immediate family only.


Answer by  Mary (2095)

The dress should compliment in color to the brides dress. It should be more simple than the brides so as not to draw attention away from her.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Talk to the bride about what she has in mind. If she has no suggestions, consider a trim suit or a tailored, neutral colored dress of the same length. Certainly you want to coordinate with the bride without upstaging her, so go neutral, understated and classy with appropriate shoes, accessories and make-up.


Answer by  wallaby78 (2293)

You could wear any nice new dress that doesn't clash with the bride or outshine her. What does the bride say?


Answer by  Gingercakes (920)

I think a nice suit jacket and skirt would look nice, with a lavender blouse underneath. This way you won't be upstaging the bride, but the lavender, or light purple blouse, would make you stand out as part of the wedding party. Shoes should match your blouse and have a slight heel.


Answer by  answerqueen (564)

I would wear something less formal than the bride obviously, and since it's a daytime wedding, I would probably go for a shorter length (knee length).

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