Question by  sumaya1 (97)

What religion includes the Kumari goddess children?


Answer by  warriorangel18 (106)

In Nepal, Hindus as well as the Nepali Buddhists revere and worship the Kumari goddess manifested through pre-pubescent girls, although the Tibetian Buddhists do not do so. She is generally chosen and worshipped for one day that fits the according festival of the time.


Answer by  mannersandsuch (1796)

Hindu's have certain children that hold up as temporary reincarnations of goddess. It has been questioned whether this honor is actually good for the welfare of the child.


Answer by  squirt (193)

Some Hindu's and Most Nepali Buddhists practice the rituals of the Kumari goddess Children. It is challenging to name all the "religions" who do this because terms like Hinduism were created by the British to describe eastern Polytheism.


Answer by  Vani1902 (120)

Kumari is another name for the goddess Durga. Kumari is Durga as a child. Durga is part of the Hindu religion.

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