Question by  IndiraSravanthi (21)

What questioned dominated American politics during the 1850's?


Answer by  AbeL (9)

The decade leading up to the American Civil War was a time of strife and disharmony. The issue of slavery polarized and divided the country, as the country was separated into the "North" and "South" based on each state's position on whether Americans should own slaves. Without a resolution or agreement, war seemed to be the answer at the time.


Answer by  Robo (16)

During the Compromise of 1850, there was great debate over where to draw the territorial map for the State of Texas. Texas lost a great deal of territory but was compensated for the land. Ironically, much of the funds received were required to repay a considerable debt owed by the State.


Answer by  evoorhees (16)

One issue that dominated during the 1850's was "sectionalism" or "state sovereignty. " States used to govern themselves to a large extent, but Lincoln destroyed state sovereignty.


Answer by  Doomstoned (1454)

Although most people might rightly assume the question of whether or not to abolish slavery was the key hot button issue that dominated American politics during this period, it's important to consider that slavery itself was just one component of the much larger issue of states rights versus centralized federal power.

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