Question by  hefito (226)

What qualities should I look for in a couch if I have kids?

I guess I'm looking for something durable.


Answer by  notorious (249)

Get a sofa with seat cushions that flip over. That way if the kids ruin one side of a cushion, you can just flip it. It should double the life of your couch!


Answer by  sunny83 (157)

If you have kids, do not get a leather sofa.

Reply by mish (1):
Learned that the hard way..... 2 huge holes later.  add a comment

Answer by  benicio (257)

Buy a used couch for use til the kids are old enough to not wreck the couch. Then get something you like.


Answer by  greysquirrel (239)

Get a couch made from a stain resistant material. Often sellers will offer a stain resistant treatment at a bit of a surcharge.


Answer by  noosh (673)

A fabric that's easy to clean is important. Prints or darker colors are good. Slipcovered sofas are good, you can wash the slipcover. If you want something that lasts long go to a retailer that sells quality and see if you can catch a sale. A sofa is an investment, paying a little extra for quality is a smart idea.


Answer by  MelindaS (1694)

You should be sure to choose furniture that can be cleaned easily, and is of a darker color. This way, you will not have headaches trying to keep it clean. Also, it should be sturdy, quality furniture of a reputable (but not necessarily expensive) brand.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Look for strong stitches. Make sure to get it with a thick stain resistant cloth. Darker colors are always a good idea since they will show stains less. Make sure it has rounded padded edges also.


Answer by  ApprenticeJenn (959)

Look for a hardwood or steel frame base. Lesser quality frame joints will quickly loosen (loose arms, etc). Choose a tightly-woven fabric. The new microfibers are durable and can be wiped down with soap/warm water. Denser foam cusions are also a good choice.


Answer by  Javaholic (227)

Durability is a key word. Most couches with weak side arms or backs will eventually break with kids. Find a couch that does not have springs in it because those will eventually do go out too. A couch that is easy to clean and low gravity center are good. Keep the couch choice simple and low in cost.


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

Stain proof. Choose an upholstery that is a little "busy" in pattern because that hides crumbs and other oopses. Choose a frame that is strong.

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