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Question by  angela18 (26)

What oil does a Yard Machine riding mower use?

I need oil for my Yard Machine.


Answer by  baconb (21)

A yard machine riding lawn mower will use SAE 30W. Most lawn mowers use SAE 30W, but you may want to reference the owners manual. If in doubt I would suggest using SAE 30W. The difference in oil weight may vary due to the temperature range of your geographical location.


Answer by  EricKeithScott (40)

Air temperature will determine the weight of oil and you will want a small engine oil. The colder the air the thinner weight oil you will want to use. If you live in a medium type climate a good 30 weight oil will do just fine. Any big box store will carry what you need.


Answer by  les59 (852)

The answer to this can depend on the size of the engine. You want to check your owners manual or research the manufacturer's model on the Internet to find out what exactly they recommend for thickness and viscosity.

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