Question by  sandy17 (10)

What makes chewing gum's flavor last?


Answer by  Matilda55 (68)

Some chewing gum flavours last longer than others, this is for a variety of factors like the chemicals used and the artificial sugar which is used in chewing gums. The artificial sugar doesn't dissolve quickly like normal sugar. If the flavour is an oil based flavour then it'll last longer because of the oil content.


Answer by  Thedietist (52)

It is mainly the sweeteners (such as corn syrups) that make chewing gum taste longer than it normally would. Make sure to use gum without sugar.


Answer by  Joe80 (866)

I believe it's the amount of sugar that makes chewing gum's flavor last. Also, it could be the flavoring agent of the gum.


Answer by  Richard4158 (7)

The specific components inside of the gum are what helps the gum keep its flavor for a good period of time. The lasting flavor varies from one brand to another.


Answer by  Anonymous

the thing that makes gum flavor last longer is a chemical called gumsence


Answer by  Anonymous

Glucose makes gum last longer.My child Daisy is i an science fair project and thatb is what i think makes gum last longer.Her science project is what flavor of gum lasts longer. :):) Have a nice day BYE!!!!!:)


Answer by  Anonymous

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