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Question by  Sael (313)

Does Skittles make a gum?

Skittles-flavored gum would be awesome.


Answer by  cowohhh (569)

Skittles did come out with a line of Skittles bubble gum that came in the original flavor and the Xtreme in 2004. I do believe that the Skittles gum lines has since been discontinued by Mars. Since the gum has been discontinued, it is very hard to find the gum now.


Answer by  Crisco (5)

I am addicted to skittles. I think that If I found a case sitting at my local bulk store that I would switch from my current gum to Skittles brand. I already buy Skittles bulk boxes there in any flavor that I can find..I also think it would be great to have sour Skittle gum.

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