Question by  fredlaws (14)

What kinds of bird also looks like a pigeon?


Answer by  sallyjane (125)

Mourning doves are similar in size and body shape to pigeons, and both inhabit the same areas of the United States. Mourning doves are usually found in mated pairs whereas pigeons commonly congregate in larger groups. Mourning doves can also be distinguished from pigeons by their distinctive call, and the unique sound of their wings in flight.


Answer by  lakshmi (196)

the birds that look like a pigeon are spotteddove, incadove,commongrounddove,mourningdove keywestquaildove.the orientaldove , ruddydove, ruddygrounddove, zenaidadove,and the zebradove bradove also look likea pigeon.their body shapes, movement,and eating habits resemble like that of apigeon.the duck has the body shape of a pigeon but the mouth part does not resemble.


Answer by  Nother (102)

Without a picture, a guess is the bird you are asking about is a mourning dove. Mourning doves are usually shades of gray with darker spots on their backs and wings. There is no exact number of spots, they vary from bird to bird. This bird will also have a soft, very sad cooing call, which many believe sound mournful.

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