Question by  LindaBrooks (25)

Where can I sell my diamond ring in Delaware?

My ex-fiance and I are no longer getting married, and I have no use for the expensive diamond ring he gave me.


Answer by  worker2243 (62)

EKA jewelers in milford, robbins diamonds in newark, silver works in wilmington, there are some diamond shops. sell your diamond ring follow that shops for best deals.


Answer by  Taylor (863)

Yes you can, take it to a jewelry store, a pawn shop or even sell it online make sure its a real diamond first by taking it to a professional.


Answer by  Jalaine11 (2043)

Before you try and sell your ring you should have it appraised so that you can sell your ring for the right price. You local jeweler can appraise your piece. Once you know the worth you can list it in the paper, an online auction or sell to a dealer.


Answer by  Anonymous

You should contact TheDiamondLining. They will make you an offer for you diamond in one business day.


Answer by  worker2173 (173)

A pawn shop is a very good place to sell valuable items such as a diamond ring. They will pay you in cash. Look in your yellow pages.

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