Question by  CaptureLife (82)

What kind of personality should I expect from a Boston terrier beagle mix?

I am getting ready to buy one of these and he seems sweet.


Answer by  msallen (39)

Both breeds, Boston Terriers and Beagles are very sweet, affectionate, smart dogs. They are both family oriented, playful, velcro dogs. I'm sure a Boston Terrier Beagle mix would have all of these qualities, as well, as a good temperment since both are good tempered breeds and both are good with children and very loyal by nature.


Answer by  lisk (62)

Boston terriers are playful, affectionate and great with children, with beagles displaying similar traits. Both breeds are affable types which make wonderful pets. The beagle has a tendency to be stubborn and requires firm training. As with all dogs, proper training results in well behaved pets!


Answer by  tunsad (413)

They can be very friendly and affectionate. If you bring it up right from the time it's a puppy, you can expect the dog to be well behaved and good. The two breeds are naturally friendly, anyway. Go with the mix of the two and it'll be a great mix.


Answer by  zeroAm (23)

You can expect a hyperactive friendly dog that howls like crazy all the time. The howling comes from the beagle part. The hyperactivity comes from it being a Boston terrier.


Answer by  SMS4415 (343)

Every terrier I've ever come into contact with- whether it's a full blooded terrier or part terrier- has had a great temperament and sweet personality. Terriers make great family pets, so if you have children or are considering, the dog would fit in great! But remember, they're all different.


Answer by  Jennifer76 (128)

Get ready! Both beagles and boston terriers are very high energy breeds. Expect the pup to bark quite a bit and want your undivided attention all of the time. As far as health is concerned, mixed breeds tend to be healthier than their purebred counterparts. With this combination, you should hopefully avoid the skin issues common in boston terriers.

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