Question by  Josh55 (4)

What kind of dog is the Snoopy character?

My friend says he is a beagle but I think he's a mixed breed.


Answer by  manderso (88)

Snoopy is, in fact, a beagle. There are many references to this throughout the comic. It is also known he was purchased from a breeder, the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm.


Answer by  azgk11 (66)

He is what is commonly referred to as a domestic kitchen hound. A blended breed which is a delightful mix of the best of many breeds, including beagle and perhaps some hound with a touch of terrier in the mix that accounts for his superior manners, dashing good looks and intelligence.


Answer by  morella (79)

According to the Schulz Museum, Snoopy is a beagle. In strips that show him hiking with his bird friends, he calls himself "the World-Famous Beagle Scout". Charles Schulz introduced Snoopy as a Beagle Scout in the mid-1970's.


Answer by  Mike7132 (393)

Sorry, but your friend is right. It has been along time since I got to read Peanuts. But in one episode Snoopy is said to be a Beagle.

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