Question by  Brandon48 (41)

What kind of coursework is included in advertising as a college major?

I want to get a business degree.


Answer by  mediajunkie (592)

Advertising is associated more with Communication departments, not business schools. Coursework could include media theory, marketing, audience measurement, statistics, writing, media law, ethics, and public relations.


Answer by  Lifestudent33 (7)

English, writing, communications (public speaking), sociology, business finance, marketing, principles of advertising, consumer behaviors, business organization, principles of accounting and business management are just a few of the courses currently offered for both 2-year and 4-year programs.


Answer by  bunnygirl (779)

Within the business program at your school, there will be marketing courses that are offered and will be needed for learning about advertising and market research. It may also be suggested to take some psychology courses to understand the psyche of your audience that the advertisements are directed towards.


Answer by  Darry (3853)

Generally advertising coursework focuses on mass media presentations in a variety of forms. Coursework will generally require the student to write papers on journalism and advertising topics including ethics, marketing, mass appeal, and many other areas. Advanced courses will require the creation of advertisements and other campaigns. An advertising degree is usually not offered through with a business option, however.


Answer by  holachung (36)

Coursework included in an advertising major may consist of journalism, along with business and marketing classes that are important to advertising


Answer by  EducationAdvocate (44)

You obviously will take classes in advertising, as well as other business courses such as management, marketing, accounting and economics. Most universities will also require electives in general education courses. Public relations and graphic design courses are sometimes included depending on your focus. There is a chance an internship or field practicum will be required.


Answer by  mplante (24)

Most schools offer advertising as a concentration within their business programs. As such, you will probably be taking business courses such as economics, accounting, marketing, statistics, and possibly even some psychology. The reason for this is that advertising firms expect you to understand not only how to appeal to customers, but also how a business works in general.

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