Question by  bubbanjess (15)

What kind of bird house would attract a robin?

I want robins in my yard.


Answer by  Marie48 (18)

Robins will not nest in a bird house. They prefer to build their nests in the open crook of a tree at least 8 feet off the ground, although they have been known to nest in gutters. To attract robins to your yard, it helps to have some berry bushes and garden space with plenty of worms.


Answer by  ladybud (1069)

Robin's are wary about living in a house that they don't see safe to raise young in.Best house is one that is very sheltered in a quiet area of the yard.Their is plan's to build a robin house.But they won't come and stay if they can't come and go undisturbed.


Answer by  Anonymous

robins like to live in peaceful places and a place they wont be disturbed. They ike flat houses where they can come and go as they please with no trouble. They also like a bar in their house just to insure they will not have the nest fall out!

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