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Question by  acm (21)

What is your favorite scary roller coaster?

Mine is the Steel Dragon.


Answer by  Kathy1972 (40)

I personally always loved the Big Bad Wolf at Busch Gardens in Virginia, largely because of the drop over the water, which really adds to the excitement. Also, you can't ignore The Hulk at Universal: Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida. The pneumatic launch on that coaster is pretty amazing, and it doesn't let up with speed or twists afterward.


Answer by  schottfamily (31)

The best and worst roller coaster I've been on is Shreika at Busch Gardens in Tampa, FL. The first drop is amazing and breath taking. The coaster is named after a bird of war and you certainly feel like you are flying with one ticked off bird. Definitely worth a try!


Answer by  Aubs (1089)

I would have to say "The Beast" at Kings Island. It is an old, rickety, wooden coaster that strikes fear into your heart when you ride it simply because it is dark, loud, and old-fashioned.


Answer by  Anonymous

farenheit, melenuim force, storm runner


Answer by  RyanNorthway (6)

My favorite scary roller coaster is the superman roller coaster found at Six Flags. The reason I find if so scary is that you literaly hang from the roller coaster verticly instead of sitting down. Your suspended from your chest the the coaster, and you just hang there for the entirtiy of the ride.


Answer by  Anonymous

farenheit hershey pa


Answer by  Anonymous

storm runner

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