Question by  Carolyn67 (32)

What is your favorite game on Neopets?


Answer by  Chopperx (9)

My favorite game in Neopets is Story Competition because it allows us to create new stories at the same time other people do. And above all this, those stories are taken into account for new games and adventures in Neopets, so we can consider ourselves as co-authors of a story that is viewed for lots of users around the world.


Answer by  carwash (148)

I do not play Neopets. But I'm sure there are other games you might like. Try or go buy a game.


Answer by  seemoreglass (93)

My favorite game has always been deckball in the pirate world. It used to be a lot more eventful when the winner was also given dubloons.


Answer by  lancepea (84)

My favorite game on Neopets would have to be Scenic Travel Journal: Kiko Lake because it is a unique game and it is very interesting.

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