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Question by  Xander (38)

How do bartenders learn to make all the alcoholic mixed drinks?

I got a bartender manual but I don't know what half the stuff is.


Answer by  fizeronline (54)

Practice!! Bartender manuals are often full of drinks that no one ever makes or orders. However there are about 20 'basic' spirits and liquors that make up the majority of drinks/flavours. Have a look behind the bar next time you go out or browse your local liquor store.


Answer by  thimblegirl (27)

Most bartenders learn their trade one of two ways. Either they were trained by someone on the job or went to bar tending school. Check your phone book or on the internet for schools teaching this trade.


Answer by  Zaka (2315)

Bartenders learn their craft throught specialized courses or as an understudy to an experienced bartender. There is simply too much subtlety in the proportions that goes into each drink and the adequate ingredients. Extensive knowledge of all alcoholic beverages is essential as well.


Answer by  mattymo (66)

Bartenders generally learn by working and gaining experience. Occasionally, bartenders will attend a training, or attend a "bartenders school" to learn about drinks.

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