Question by  mjh6235 (23)

What is the value of a mercury dime?

I have several of these coins.


Answer by  sisterkv (70)

The value of a mercury dime can value greatly. Factors include date of mint,place of mint and condition. The lowest current price on the online market for a single mercury dime looks to be just under a dollar. One certified uncirculated 1916 mercury dime from the Denver mint is being offered at twenty thousand dollars!


Answer by  MrsMayer (175)

The value of the mercury dime really depends on the condition the coin is in. A mercury dime in realy good condition can be worth up to ten times it face value. COins from different dates are also worth different amounts. Seein as how you have several I would reccomens the buying Book of U.S. Coin Values.


Answer by  garymarkle (599)

The value of your mercury dimes are going to vary from date to date, the 1916-d is worth about 375.00 today, however, the 1945 is worth about a buck, and there are other prices for the inbetweens, that you can look up online

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