Question by  russellhigley (2)

What is the value of a 1945 mercury dime, brilliant, uncirculated, with no contact marks & full distinct bands on reverse?

1945 mercury dime, brilliant, uncirculated, no contact marks & full distinct bands on reverse. Value?


Answer by  cutething01 (34)

According to the red book, which is the leading source for coin values, the price of the coin would be between 12-30 dollars depending on what it would be graded as. However, if you are looking to sell it, I would go onto eBay and see what the price is going for, that's what you would most likely get.


Answer by  BrianSJ (524)

For 1945 mercury dimes, full bands can raise their value to $500 (MS-60) to $10,000 (MS-65). However, full bands are very rare on 1945 dimes. Have your dime professionally appraised.

Reply by russellhigley (2):
Since my grandmother presented me with the dime in 1950, it has been sealed airtight & remains bright, no color change & was rated MS-65 in 1960 ( I found the card). I do not wish to mail it anywhere & know no one I trust for appraisal. Thanks.  add a comment

Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Since the prices on coins are constantly fluctuating you should get it appraised by a coin dealer. What you may think is perfect may actually not be perfect.

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