Question by  nan818 (60)

What is the value of a Canadian penny?

I have a lot of these.


Answer by  Gilda (113)

That's an interesting question because Canadian pennies are equivalent to American pennies. But no American vendor or merchant will accept it as a form of payment whereas Canadian vendors will.


Answer by  RustyShackleford (14)

I am assuming that you are asking about the value in American currency. The current exchange rate from Canada to the United States is one Canadian penny is worth approximately. 91 American pennies. Or in a more easily understood fashion, if you have one dollar in Canada you have 91 cents in America. Keep your pennies.


Answer by  Lu (78)

In Canada a penny is worth 1 cent. If you have 100 Canadian pennies you have $1 Canadian, if you have 200 Canadian pennies you have $2. 00 Canadian. Pennies in Canada are 1 part of 100 of a Canadian dollar.


Answer by  christian123 (25)

Depending on the year, the exchange rate to usd could be anywhere from 1 cent to 40$'usd. A 1961 penny in mint condition could be worth 16 dollars! But if anything its likely not to be worth much unless in mint condition


Answer by  misterhrcpins (455)

The current exchange rate would give the Canadian penny a value just under the value of one US penny. However, if you have some older pennies in good condition, they may be worth substantially more.


Answer by  smile (2)

i have a 1867-1992 canadian pennie do you think its worth something


Answer by  Anonymous

Oh!!!!! Sry......I didn't read that right.....Thanks to Rusty Shackle ford...he helped me understand it much clearer.. :)


Answer by  Anonymous

Non Of these answers helped me figure out how much a Canadian Penny is worth in the United States....thanks anyways


Answer by  athel (1)

If you have a penny that was issued in 2000 it is most likely to be worth the same currentcy because the two currentcies are almost at par. Anyways you still won't be able to use them because most merchants don't except them so they're pointless! : - ) Bye!

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