Question by  shelley (70)

What can you tell me about Canadian pennies?


Answer by  AEF (519)

Canadian pennies are about the same size and weight as US pennies. They are accepted through North America interchangeably with US coins. Canadian pennies always have an image of the reigning monarch on the front, currently Queen Elizabeth II, and a maple leaf branch on the reverse. The date of issue is on the reverse just below the maple leaves.


Answer by  mjl10 (282)

Canadian pennies are virtuallythe same as American pennies. They are the lowest denomination of currency (1 cent) and cost more to produce than they are worth. Like all Canadian coinage, they have a picture of the Queen on one side. They have a picture of maple leaves on the other.


Answer by  gcmeyer2 (787)

Canadian pennies don't differ much from American pennies. They are similar in shape and composition. They look very much like American pennies and have a maple leaf on the back.


Answer by  PierreLeChat (4)

The Canadian penny is worth 1 cent, that is 1/100 of a Canadian dollar. In French, it is called "cent" or "sou".

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