Question by  Brodello (68)

What is the best way to get rid of red stretch marks?

I have a stomach full of red stretch marks as a result of my triplet pregnancy.


Answer by  stlrfn (44)

There are many different creams that you can use to get rid of stretch marks. Dermology, TriLASTIN-SR and Mustela are a few. These are all good and yet very expensive. Vitamin E is the best thing I have found to remove stretch marks. You need to poke a hole in the pill however, and rub the liquid into your skin.


Answer by  Ambur (60)

A good way to get rid of stretch marks is to use coca butter, or body butter of some kind. It is good to use the thick lotion instead of thin. Also you can put vaseline and they should start to go away or get lighter in 7 days.


Answer by  sassymom (47)

Try using virgin coconut oil. Add few drops of lemon juice and apply it on the affected area at least twice a day. I've used it myself and it works.

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