Question by  Lynlin1957 (87)

What is the value of 1976 $2 bill?

I have several 1976 two dollar bills.


Answer by  duggielanger (44)

The bill will be pretty much the same value as the face value , which in this case is $2. 00. You might get a bit more from a dealer or some who might have sentimental value.


Answer by  getoutdoors1 (40)

Value would depend on the condition of the bill. If the bill has been circulated, the value would be nothing more than the current face value. However, if the bill were uncirculated, meaning that it has never been used in commerce, the value could be between three to five dollars.


Answer by  ShawnL19 (310)

Your two dollar bill is worth about $2. These bills are not in demand from collectors at the present time. If you have a bill that was printed on the first day, it will have a special seal on it, it may be worth $3-$5.


Answer by  Mike56 (20)

If your two dollar bills have been circulated they are worth two dollars each. If they have not been circulated and are crisp they may be worth four dollars. Two dollar bills that are dated before 1976 can be valued anywhere between two and seven hundred dollars.


Answer by  AJenik (32)

If the bill is a "star note" it is worth anywhere from $15 up to $275 depending on the series and whether it is circulated or uncirculated. If it is uncirculated and NOT a "star note" you could still fetch anywhere from $5 to $25.


Answer by  Rudi (20)

They are still only worth two dollars, however if they are in perfect mint condition they may be worth up to a dollar more. If it has a very special serial number, you might get something for it too.

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