Question by  HumaArsalan (21)

What is the traditional wedding ring hand?

Left or Right?


Answer by  YK (304)

Traditionally, a wedding ring is worn on the left hand in North America, though it is often worn on the right hand in some European countries.


Answer by  lalaland (238)

It depends on the country you live in. In the United States, traditionally men and women wear their wedding band on their left ring finger. In Mexico however the wedding ring is worn on the right hand. Traditions vary all over the world, usually based on a person's religion.


Answer by  Pinto (166)

Traditionally, the wedding ring or band is put on the ring finger of the left hand. There is a logical reason too for it. All the finger tips and fingers have pressure points co-relating to different parts of the body. The pressure point on the ring finger of the left hand relates to the heart


Answer by  jojobinky (12)

Traditionally, when getting married, both the man and the woman place their wedding rings on their left hand "ring" finger.


Answer by  Roger1 (87)

The left hand is the traditional hand for the wedding band to be worn on. I don't think I've seen anyone wearing on the right hand.

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