Question by  vorhanden (12)

What is the time line for the stoma in a leaf, on a plant, closing?

Could you please provide me with information on the stomata of a leaf.


Answer by  Flutterbye (161)

I just read a study that says that the amount of stoma present increases when plants have more access to bright light. The photosynthesis can be caused indoors by using a bright grow light but the plants may need more time under the light than they would if out doors.


Answer by  Divalicious (99)

A stoma is basically a pore in a leaf which is used for gas exchange. Most stoma close during the daytime when there are changing conditions like humidity, the amount of light, and the amount of carbon dioxide that is being produced.

Reply by BigMomma2 (132):
By the same token the stoma's open when there is too little Co2 available.  add a comment

Answer by  SouthernBelle (66)

Oh my gosh. Well I failed science way back when and haven't got a clue what the time line for a stoma in a leaf is for closing. I do remember that there are thousands of them on a leaf and that they are located on the lower epidermis (sp? )

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