Question by  meanboss (30)

What is the temperature on an electric dryer?


Answer by  mike84 (27)

the temperature on electric dryers vary becuse of the settings and also sensors. a dryer can range in temerature anywhere from 80 to 190 degrees. you have to use the different settings to control the desired temperature. it takes a little getting use to but if read the owner manual you will be fine.

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Mike - Any idea of temp setting of steam and sanitize on Kenmore Elite Dryer Model# 796.8147?  add a comment

Answer by  Madauzz (29)

Normal operation can reach up to 175 degrees Celsius for an electric clothes dryer. If you block all vents including lint traps, it could reach up to 400 degrees Celsius.


Answer by  m2m7 (17)

Maximum temperatures inside an electric dryer are in the range of 190 degrees Fahrenheit. Exact temperatures can vary depending on the model and the mechanical condition of the dryer. Temperature can also be affected if the lint trap and/or exhaust duct are blocked.


Answer by  Pamelabud (42)

The temperature on a normally functioning electric dryer is 175 degrees Celsisus, providing that the lint filters are cleaning, not blocked and functioning correctly. If the lint filters are partially blocked the temperature will rise significantly.


Answer by  Anonymous

100 degrees Celsius is the temperature at which water boils. 175 would be 75 more than that. I question the figure 175 C


Answer by  Kozmo (286)

180 degrees should be maximum operating temp of an electric dryer. If your drying is having problem heating check the coils.


Answer by  Jessica40 (15)

Normally a dryer's tumbler should reach a temperature of 175 degrees Celsius, or 347 Fahrenheit. However, if the lint traps are blocked, they have been shown to exceed 400 degrees Celsius (752 Fahrenheit).

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I find it hard to believe that the operating temperature would reach 175 C/ 752 f. Maybe that would be the actual coil temperature. How could you pick up a 752 degree piece of clothing? (If it hasn't melted already.)  add a comment
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