Question by  sessy1978 (20)

What could be causing odors in my electric dryer?


Answer by  ladybud (1069)

Clothing that is a little bit wet can drip through the dryer tumbler hole's collecting in the bottom of the floor and can cause mildew oder's.Also condensation drying the clothe's on hot setting on a cool day will cause the steam to build up moisture inside and over time it start's to smell like mildew.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well, the odors are perfectly normal due to wear and tear. That actually happened to me just recently. There is a strange and funky smell every time I start the dryer. I think its due to wear and tear. Perhaps, the parts were not good enough. Mine was cheap though and that could be the problem.


Answer by  Lionel (17)

First try removing all the lint from the unit. Check the vent line and outside vent cover to make sure it is free from lint. Make sure that no plastics, rubber, anything that could have melted line the inside of the unit. If the problem persists call a technician.


Answer by  bobreujr (25)

One possible answer could be that the heater coil on your dryer could be starting to break. Another possible answer is that you need to clean your lint screen. I believe that the most probable answer would be that your dryer vent line has some kind of blockage or rupture in it.


Answer by  rjs108 (310)

There can be several reasons for odors in an electric dryer. One reason could be that your dryer vent is clogged and the dryer is overheating.


Answer by  techno (95)

Heating element of your dryer is working properly. I think it burns out but fail to trip the circuit breaker.


Answer by  Rogbog (203)

Two possible causes (1) to much lint has built up in your lint trap; and (2) a sock or other small clothing has gotten on to the heating element in the dryer.


Answer by  abccraft (85)

You need to check your dryer vent. If it's vented outside the screen may be off' This makes it possible for animals to get inside


Answer by  ConnorLee (40)

In the case that a funky smell is coming from your dryer, I'd say you either left an pet animal or some living organism in it while it was running, or it just has bad B.O.


Answer by  user86 (4)

may be the heat cause the odors . you should not use it so frequency . because it will make your dryer broken

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