Question by  sumaya1 (97)

What is the story behind the tradition of the Claddagh?

My boyfriend wants me to have a Claddagh ring instead of a diamond.


Answer by  clausline (163)

These feature two hands clasping a heart, that's typically adorned with a crown. These elements are supposed to correspond to important qualities: love (heart), friendship (hands), and loyalty, (crown). The symbolism behind the ring is closely related to the Italian ring based on the phrase, "mani in fede", which loosely translates to hands joined in faith/loyalty.


Answer by  rosefire (78)

The Claddagh is an Irish traditional wedding or engagement ring. The heart symbolizes love, the hands holding it friend ship and the crown symbolizes loyalty. Those who are married wear it on the left side with the crown pointed outward. Expensive ones could have a diamond in the crown.


Answer by  Supersadie (363)

The Claddagh is a design incorporating two hands holding a heart which has a crown on the top. It's often used in Irish weddings and the hands indicate a pledging of vows. It's been in existence since the 17th century although some parts of the design have changed over time.


Answer by  rhonda515 (607)

The claddagh ring gets its name from the Irish.This ring is traditonally given to a woman as a sighn of love by an Irish man when they get married.Just like a wedding ring.

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