Question by  agapenurse (30)

What is the story about a rope tied to a priest's feet?

Is it a true story?


Answer by  MathWiz (1408)

There is a legend that they used to tie a rope to a priest's foot, in case he had a heart attack when he entered the temple. That way he could be pulled out. It's not true, it's a very old myth, now an urban legend that just won't go away, unfortunately.


Answer by  rosieposey78 (1304)

The high priest of Israel had a rope tied to his foot before entering into the Holy of Holies. If the he hadn't atoned for his sins, he'd die as would anybody else in the temple. The rope was put in place in case the priest died and the body needed to be retrieved. Most likely this is not true.


Answer by  lmwilkinson (131)

A priest tied a rope around his ankle before he went into the holy of holies so that incase he died inside they could pull his body out.


Answer by  jimbob11 (195)

According to Jewish tradition, this is true. Only high preist was allowed in the most holy room of the temple. If he were to die while there, the rope would allow the other priests to remove him without committing sacrilege by entering the most holy.

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The curtains to the Holy of Holies were over three feet thick, and the priest had to walk through a maze just to get to the holy of holies. This would make it impossible to drag a person out if he parished in that place.  add a comment

Answer by  Jon41 (15)

He failed to do his job so his feet were tied and he was thrown in a river. An elf found the priest and saved him on the condition that the priest give him the rope. He agreed.


Answer by  larrystate (129)

The high priest would tie a rope around his feet before entering the Holy of Holies on Yom Kippur. Then if he were struck down, his body could still be retrieved. This is not a true story. It is first attributed to The Zohar, a collection of commentaries on the Torah from the 13th century.


Answer by  takeshi (432)

It's not a true story, it's a myth. They used to tie a rope to a priest's foot, so that in case he died, he could be retrieved by people.


Answer by  mixmasta91 (33)

A priest from Isreal entered a temple to atone for his sins. In case he died, the rope would be used to pull him out. The story is not true.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

In the Jewish temple only certain people were allowed to go into the most holy area. And there was a danger that even they might be struck dead. No one else would be allowed to enter to retrieve them, so a rope was tied around their ankle and if they died, they could be pulled out.

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