Question by  Trony (15)

What is the song in the Converse commercial?

Every time the commercial comes on, I hear that song, and I really want to get it to listen to regularly. It's a great song.


Answer by  Samothrace (59)

If you are talking about the black and white animated commercial featuring Pharrell (of NERD), Santogold, and Julian Casablanca (of The White Stripes), then the song you are searching for is My Drive Thru.


Answer by  Ray (57)

Called "My Drive Thru". You can download it on the Converse website. And the guy with the long hair is Julian Casablancas from The Strokes. I really like this song too and wish more good music be played in commercials. I hope this answers your question and you are happy.


Answer by  sajanjiv (85)

The name of the song in the converse commercial is is 'My Drive Thru' and it has been sung by Pharell, Julian Cascablancas and Santogold. all i hope is that me and you are talking about the same commercial here. I think we are. Hope this helps. Enjoy listening to the song!!


Answer by  moppledust (32)

Its "my drive thru" by Pharrell, Julian Casablancas from the strokes and Santogold. It's a pretty great song, originally written by both Julian and Pharrell of the N. E. R. D. The song can be downloaded from the Converse websites, as iTunes, Mp3Raid and any other website allowing free or paid (legal) downloads.


Answer by  worker7638 (12)

Mostly i like to hear the converse commercial song because of the music and lyrics, the every lines of lyric is super, i really want to listen any time. it is one of the great song for commercial. I feel very haapy when i hear this song. I like very much.

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