Question by  NutBucket (140)

What is the rule about wearing white shoes after Labor Day? Why?


Answer by  nekturk (139)

An old fashioned rule about fashion etiquette is that one cannot wear white after Labor Day. This pertains to outfits, pants, and shoes, based on the idea that white is a summer color. Modern fashion allows for wearing white year round, but the type of clothing, fabric, or shade of white dictate whether or not it is appropriate.


Answer by  lmac (355)

Traditionally, white shoes were to be worn only between Memorial Day and Labor Day, with the exception of a winter bride. This rule is no longer strictly observed. As to why, that is lost to the ages. Perhaps it was feared that the rain and slush of the non-summer months would ruin white shoes.


Answer by  Anonymous

A peculiar American tradition by which vulgar rich people can recognise others of their ilk. Unknown in the rest of the world.

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