Question by  EinsteinHalls (9)

What is the right way to tightening a bicycle brakes?

My brakes are lose on my bike.


Answer by  Sarah38 (70)

Well when your brakes are loose on your bike you need to first find where the brake wire and bolt connect. When you find that, use a screw driver and take it apart. When you put it back together, get someone to press the brakes while you tighten them. Keep tightening until it is hard to pull the brakes.


Answer by  Allstar (2071)

There should be a screw somewhere on the brake cables, either on the lever or the brakes themselves. Turning this should adjust the position on the cable and tighten the brakes. If it loosens further instead, turn it the other way.


Answer by  imey (38)

It's easy man. First you have no put some grease in the bicycle brakes to make the brakes smooth and get a philip screw and screw those things you could found in your bicycle brakes. Aside from this you can pull the hose from the bicyle and test it!


Answer by  scariapj (346)

If we are able we can tight the brake ourself or if we are unaware of the fitting techniques it is better to show the cycle an expert technician at his work shop he can tight the brake of your cycle by using his instruments very easily. If try ourself it will be difficult to tight it exactly.

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