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Question by  s666666666666 (26)

What is the right way to cut catfish?

I went fishing earlier tonight and need to fillet and cut the catfish, however I do not know where to start.


Answer by  worker11 (33)

The right way to cut catfish are to wear gloves. And to have a very sharp knife. Start by washing off the catfish in cold water. Take your sharp knife in hand and cut off the pectoral fins and dorsal adipose. Place one fillet with the skin side down on your cutting board. Make a cut through the catfish meat.


Answer by  withsmluck (793)

I basically fillet a catfish the same way as any other fish, although after I get the two main fillets I cut those down into 'nugget' size. First gut the fish, then cut the head and tail off, then split it down the middle giving you two nice fillets. Then I make those into the nuggets for frying.

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