Question by  ryanchabbb (10)

What is the return policy on new trucks?

My husband bought a new truck without consulting me.


Answer by  Atomicrayon (2504)

Assuming it's not used and bought from a legit dealership, you can typically just return them if done within the first 30 days.


Answer by  Craig61 (358)

Depends on the state you live in. Most the limit is two to three days. This problem can be compounded by the fact that any trade in might already be gone from the lot. Further, if cash for clunkers was used then you are entirely stuck. I would suggest contacting the dealer immediately.


Answer by  chazeloff (324)

The return policy usually is 5 days but I would consult with laws in your area to see what time period you have.


Answer by  maber (1427)

Some places will give you a 24 or 48 hours buyers remorce. However, I don't know if just getting one without asking you will count.


Answer by  BruceWayne (113)

Check your states laws regaurding cooling off periods. A lot of states don't have them which means you are most likely stuck with it. Good luck.

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