Question by  leah (24)

What is the rating on Polaris radiate heaters?

I need to know how well Polaris radiate heaters are rated.


Answer by  Lillian (87)

Polaris is an efficient open system stainless steel heat exchanger and tank. A small Polaris will heat a 3500 square foot home and also supply hot water. The thermal efficiency rating of the Polaris is 95%.


Answer by  ryan314 (17)

polaris radiate heaters have a rating of 95%. over 100,000 have been installed in the past 20 years and are very easy and simple to purge!


Answer by  pandi68 (35)

Ive heard alot about these on the internet and on the news. I would think that if you went to an independant site like a consumer review panel it would give you as much information as you needed.


Answer by  zinniagirl (25)

The brand itself has some issues with customer service, but the biggest issue that will affect how well Polaris or any radiant heat system will work is installation. You have to have a qualified, experienced installer who will be able to work out any particular needs of your installation.

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