Question by  Comptech5 (54)

What is the quality of the clothing sold at Ross Stores?

My sister swears by it, but I've not ever shopped there.


Answer by  christen (37)

Ross is great if you like high fashion, but your wallet can't afford it. Typically, Ross gets a lot of overstock from department stores. Occasionally, there will be a small flaw, but otherwise the quality is wonderful. More bang for your buck!


Answer by  shimmerysummersun (140)

The quality can vary. Some of the clothing is a steal, other articles can have a messed up hem or isn't made to size. You just have to be selective.


Answer by  Kaos (27)

Ross clothes are usually either overstock of first or either the seconds.First are just the ones that would not fit in the store they came from. There is nothing visibly wrong with seconds and you get a great deal for the price!


Answer by  RachelW (932)

Ross stores have clothing that is the same as you would find in department stores that they've gotten for lower prices for various reasons - there may have simply been a surplus, or there may be a small lot defect in the clothes. They generally or not poor quality, but they should be carefully inspected.

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