Question by  StuffIThinkAndSay (57)

What is the purpose of an inverted Torx bit?


Answer by  TJ36 (8)

Torx bits are star shaped drivers meant to provide more grip on the screw or fastener. Inverted Torx bits are used for turning special made, rare fasteners. They are typically used on products that you don't want just anyone to be able to open, adjust or remove. You might see these types of fasteners in a public setting.


Answer by  tmoney (176)

The Torx bit is designed to not slip out when torque is applied, unlike common flat or Phillips screws. It is a newer design and technically superior to older forms. However, the inverted Torx bit is usually used by manufacturers to limit the consumer's access. If the consumer can't open the product, they can't make the problem worse. The idea is that if someone has an inverted Torx bit, they probably have the mechanical know how to fix the problem.


Answer by  ttownbeast (341)

An inverted Torx bit is basically a specially shaped socket meant to fit a screw with a head that looks like a six pointed star certain equipment may have these kinds of screw in its assembly to add a small measure of extra security from tampering, at least from anyone who does not own an inverted Torx bit.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Basically the torx designed allows for more torque or twisting force to be applied to the head of a fastener. It increases the pressure point on the head which reduces the likelihood of rounding it off. They also allow a small amount of tamper resistance since not everyone uses them.


Answer by  weston (21)

An inverted torx bit is essentially the manufacturers way of limiting consumer access and in turn tampering by inexperienced persons.


Answer by  Anonymous

used by people who know what their doing

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