Question by  mmckin (45)

What is the proper Basset hound breeding age?

I want to breed my Basset hound.


Answer by  Durrr (43)

A basset hound female will have its first heat at around one year of age. Male basset hounds first become fertile at around seven or eight months. However, experts agree that it is best practice for both male and females to wait to breed until the dogs are around two years old to make sure they have not health problems.


Answer by  monica78md (44)

Basset hounds reach breeding age between eight months and one year. But honestly you should not breed your hound at all. Leave that to the breeders. There are so many dogs out there right now not being cared for or taken care of, not to mention that anytime an animal gets pregnant there are risks


Answer by  jlachickak (31)

The recommended age to start breeding Basset Hounds is between 1-2 years old, and no older than 6 years old. When breeding, make sure the dog comes from a good lineage and there are no major medical problems in their line. Be sure to check out the prospective mate as well to make sure they are healthy.


Answer by  frazier210 (27)

Most dogs(including bassets) shouldn't be bred until they stop growing and maturing and thats usually at the ages of 2-3.


Answer by  wallaby78 (2293)

You can breed your basset hound at about one year of age, or a few months after the female's first heat.


Answer by  rmttyler (160)

I believe that most veternarians would say that any breed should be allowed to go thru at least one complete cycle before they are bred. This could vary.

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