Question by  sundarcyr (12)

What is the percentage of wedding guest that attend the wedding?

I need to know how many to expect to come to my wedding.


Answer by  Dee78 (24)

When inviting guests in advance, you should expect about 70% of the list would say "Attending". But do not count out the possibility of some people that will bail out or attend at the last possible moment. My suggestion is to order a little bit more food and drink than your expected guest count.


Answer by  AD58 (76)

Usually you can count on all close friends and family. Make a list of people that you would like to see at your wedding. you can have them RSVP to get an exact count.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Most wedding planners will tell you to count for less than 50% of the people that you invite to actually attend the wedding. In addition you should expect 10% of those that say they will be there to actually not show up on your wedding day. If you are working with a venue they can provide you with ideas.

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