Question by  gammack (14)

What is the origin of the fleur de lis?

I see it everywhere in design.


Answer by  Juan77 (42)

It was greatly used in French heraldic, and it was first used in occident by Catholic church. First time it was used was in Mesopotamia in the Istar door, anyway.


Answer by  woollema (79)

The origin is of great debate as it can be found throughout history in numerous locations; especially in Europe. However, it is most commonly accpeted to have originiated in some degree (especially as a royal symbol) in France.


Answer by  beck (1099)

Although the word itself come from the French for lily, the design has been found since very early times on emblems and coats of arms throughout Europe. It may actually represent a stylization of an iris. Anywhere the French settled, such as Quebec and Montreal in Canada, the fleur de lis can be found.


Answer by  sylsia (510)

The origin of the fleur de lis has be debated for many years, it can be seen in some form in decoration of the earliest of human civilizations.

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