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Question by  senthiljazz (14)

What is the off-season for Disney World?

Is that the best time to go?


Answer by  christie18 (81)

Disneyland is least busy in winter (January and February), especially on weekdays. However, the weather might also be rainy, and they might shut down rides for repairs and maintenance then, too. October is also a good time to go since the kids are back in school


Answer by  juliep (305)

I think it would be September or October. All schools head back by September and you will avoid the summer rush as well as the super hot weather.


Answer by  margiep (422)

The best time to go to Disney World is February through May. Most children will be at school during these months. Also, go during the week. More people visit the park on weekends. These months are also the cooler months in Florida. You will be able to avoid crowds and the heat.

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