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Question by  ecunicogmailcom (14)

What is the normal treatment for adenovirus in dogs?


Answer by  Oscar (34)

If a dog is infected with adenovirus, treatment will be aimed at the symptoms. A veterinarian may give acetaminophen for fever and antibiotic eyedrops for conjunctivitis. Isolation of infected dogs is necessary to minimize the spread of infection to other animals and humans. Keeping the kennel clean will aid in killing the bacteria and recovery for the dog.


Answer by  choctaw (361)

Treatment is for symptoms. Most dogs recover without treatment for the virus itself. Give a soft, bland diet and plenty of fluids. It can be prevented by vaccination although if your dog gets the virus, lifetime immunity usually develops. Severe cases can cause corneal damage and liver disease. If your dog is very sick, consult your vet right away.


Answer by  k0nok0 (224)

There is no actual treatment but it can be caught by other dogs as well as it can be transfered to the puppies a carrier mother may have.


Answer by  lisa55 (71)

My veterinarian explained to me that almost all dogs recover from this disease on their own without any treatment, but death can occur in some cases. My veterinarian prescribed antibiotics for my dog and I gave him vitamin drops daily. It is important to note that this disease can be prevented with an annual vaccination.

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