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Question by  NightSailor (46)

What is the name of the band on the Free Credit Report commercials?


Answer by  Prashant (13)

The name of the band is for the Free Credit Report commercials is "FreeCreditReportBand" and it was estalished in 1999 as a website design to meet the rising consumer demand.


Answer by  fritocc (24)

The band in the commercial is played by actors. They are lip-synching a song recorded by Dave Mulhefeld. It seems that they do play in actual bands as professional musicians, but this "band" is just for the purpose of the Free Credit Report commercials. The lead "singer" is actor Eric Violette.


Answer by  margaret80 (54)

They aren't a real band - just something put together by ad execs. The singing is done by Eric Violette - who lip syncs in the commericals. The other "musicians" are professionals out of Montreal.


Answer by  boddah (14)

On their web site their name is The Free Credit Report Band. I believe though that they are just actors.


Answer by  deborahb (9)

The band is just called Free Credit Report Band but it is composed of actors. The lead singer of FCR Band is actor Eric Violette.


Answer by  rhelt (461)

Their name is the band. Sorry, but they are not a real band. The commercials are all lip synced. The actual singer/writer is Dave Mulhefeld who is a Senior Copy Writer at the Martin Agency. He has created jingles for several other widely known commercials that you would likely recognize.


Answer by  rnovikoffgmailcom (1722)

The band in this commercial isnt a real band they are just pretending for the commercial, its called acting. They arent even really playing the instruments. sorry to burst ur bubble


Answer by  shaunhaines (131)

The "band" in the Free Credit Report commercials is not a real band! The "singer" for the band is actually a French-Canadian actor, who is a musician on the side. The songs themselves that are sung on the commercials are written by an advertising employee with the company, and are lip-synched by the actors.


Answer by  AnneSullivan (33)

The band from the Free Credit Report commercials does not have an actuall name, they are just refered to as the Free Credit Report Band.


Answer by  thattractorguy (2970)

The band isn't really a band at all. They are actual musicians that perform in and around Montreal, Canada. They are all in bands but they are not actually in a band with each other. In the commercials is the only time they perform together. The lead singer is a French Canadian named Eric Violette.


Answer by  SuperL (81)

It's actually a fake band. They are actors put together to lip sync as a band, although the curly-haired lead singer, a French-speaking Canadian, is also a singer and musician.


Answer by  Sutoraika (5)

There is no 'band'. Eric Violette is the Canadian actor who performs as the lead singer. The singing is done mostly through lip syncing, however. The names of the rest of the band members aren't really confirmed.

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