Question by  jdog (28)

What is the meaning of "How to Save a Life" by the Fray?

I love that song.


Answer by  coletterose (29)

How to save a life is a song by the band The Fray. It is a very powerful song about helping a person in great need. According to the band it is about helping a teenage drug addict get through their addiction. The drug in question is suggested to be heroin.


Answer by  Em74 (24)

Band member Isaac Slade wrote this song about mentoring a crack addicted youth. It's the story of that teen's addiction and how it affected his relationships. It is in a way a dedication to the youth he mentored.


Answer by  jg82 (96)

This is about the writer/singer reflecting on another friend confessing something difficult for the singer to handle. He regrets not knowing how to handle it, and lost a friend.


Answer by  sanityrose (2664)

Issac, the bands main song writing contributer says the How to Save a Life, by Fray is about a friend who was lost and he helped him return. The friend was a teen crack user and Issac helped him get off the drugs and start a new life. The song looks at his struggles and his relationship with his father.


Answer by  BlakeIsBlake (39)

This song is about taking the time to make someone's day. Many people can be sad and depressed in this world. Make them happy and "save their life".


Answer by  Mazer (173)

According to lead singer Isaac Slade the song was written about his experiences working with a troubled teen during a mountain retreat for Shelterwood, a Denver-based group home. The lyrics lament that, though many people tried to help this young man overcome his addiction, nothing they did seemed to work.

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