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Question by  Anonymous

what is the meaning of life?


Answer by  Exodus (21)

L.I.F.E.(love-in-full-existence) According to Kunjua Spirituality. To live all aspects of L.O.V.E.(learning-our-value-everyday) when we learn the value or positives of ourselves and others and embrace it, we learn to live love.--kunjua spirituality community


Answer by  Rosaline (50)

To quote a well-known source, the answer to life, the universe, and everything is 42. In all seriousness, though, this isn't something that can really be answered, even if you gave a million-word limit to the answer. I personally think the meaning of life varies from person to person, so you can answer this better than I.


Answer by  lita (135)

The meaning of life is the existance of memories and future plans, it is what we choose it to be. If all we can take with us in the end is our memories and it has to be the meaning of life.


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there are no answers


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who cares

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