Question by  bala84 (15)

What is the longest home run ever hit?


Answer by  sususu (866)

The longest home run is the subject of much debate, especially since so many distances are misrepresented and the methods of measuring home run distances vary. However, the longest measured home run in a major league game was hit by Mickey Mantle in 1960, which flew 634 feet from home plate.


Answer by  mlefkee2 (6)

The longest home run ever hit was by Micky Mantle. The ball traveled 634 feet and Micky was known to hit many home runs greater than 600 feet. Many people say that Micky hit a home run 660 feet but that is not confirmable


Answer by  hypertech (690)

Mickey Mantel is known to have hit the longest home run ever at 634 feet. This is protested as it was measured after the ball had stopped rolling. The longest verifiable home run distance is about 575 feet hit by Babe Ruth. It was a blast to straight center field at Tiger Stadium.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Although this is often disputed, on record, Mickey Mantle's 660 foot home run is the longest homer ever actually recorded.


Answer by  worker9319 (62)

This question cannot be perfectly answered do to legends of mickey mantle hitting it over 700 ft. I do not believe this I believe that the longest home run ever hit in the MLB was about 570 feet that is the longest i ever heard of anyways. It was in the 1940's by Joe DiMaggio

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