Question by  nb (9)

What is the LaMaze Method of birth and how or why is it different?

My doctor said I could consider the LaMaze Method. I never heard of it.


Answer by  WranglerMama (289)

Lamaze is a method of natural childbirth that uses breathing techniques to help the mother cope with contractions during labor. Their focus is on normalizing birth and advocating for healthy moms and babies.


Answer by  Ali41 (1593)

LaMaze is just a relaxation and concentration technique used when you are in labor. You aim both to make sure you are getting enough oxygen and try to minimize the pain. If you ever see on tv when women breath something like, he he he, whooo, that's what it is.


Answer by  ItalianButterfly (110)

LaMaze, or natural childbirth, teaches you a series of breathing methods to allow you to move through the stages of labor and delivery with little or no medication.


Answer by  laura7373 (409)

lamaze is more of a breathing for labor like bradley is more of a realaxation. It can make you hyperventiolate if you breat to fast

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